The Salt of Life

Salt of Life

A film by Gianni Di Gregorio
Starring Gianni Di Gregorio

In his warm and witty follow-up to the 2010 sleeper hit Mid-August Lunch, writer-director-actor Gianni Di Gregorio has created another sparkling comedy.

A middle-aged retiree contends with an aristocratic, spendthrift mother, a wife who is more patronizing friend than romantic partner; a daughter with a slacker boyfriend and a wild young neighbor who sees him merely as her dog walker. Watching his “codger” friends snare beautiful younger women on the sun-kissed cobblestones of Trastevere, Gianni tries his polite, utterly gracious best to generate some kind of extracurricular love life—with both hilarious and poignant results.

Wittily observed, humorously understood and keenly felt.Time Out London

Lustrous, effortless, entrancing, it infects your mood as happily as a hazy Roman afternoon. Financial Times


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Technical Information

Production Year
Country of Production
Italian, English
Running Time
90 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Apr 12, 2012
Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012
Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012
Monday, Apr 9, 2012
Sunday, Apr 8, 2012
5:45pm · 1:45pm
Saturday, Apr 7, 2012
5:45pm · 1:45pm
Friday, Apr 6, 2012
Thursday, Apr 5, 2012
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Tuesday, Apr 3, 2012
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Monday, Apr 2, 2012
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm
Sunday, Apr 1, 2012
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm · 3:40pm · 1:40pm
Saturday, Mar 31, 2012
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm · 3:40pm · 1:40pm
Friday, Mar 30, 2012
9:40pm · 7:40pm · 5:40pm · 3:40pm · 1:40pm

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