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The Sicilian Girl

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A film by Marco Amenta
Starring Veronica D'Agostino, Gérard Jugnot, Francesco Casisa, Marcello Mazzarella, Mario Pupella, Paolo Briguglia

In line with the recent wave of acclaimed mob dramas from Italy such as Gomorrah and the Oscar® Nominated Il Divo, The Sicilian Girl recounts the true crime story of mafia daughter Rita Atria, who took her life into her hands to break the code of silence and testify against “The Family” in 1991.

After the gangland assassinations of her father and brother, 17-year-old Rita (Veronica D’Agostino) takes it upon herself to avenge their murders. Forming an unlikely alliance with an anti-mafia judge (Gérard Jugnot), Rita charts the thin line between justice and revenge as she begins to expose the dark secrets of an enshrouded world. However, she soon finds the side of law and order to be a lonely place which puts her conviction to the test— and her life on the line.

Fascinating, thrilling and nail-biting.Washington City Paper


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Italian with English subtitles

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Sunday, Sep 19, 2010
Saturday, Sep 18, 2010
Thursday, Sep 16, 2010
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 4:30pm
Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010
9:40pm · 4:30pm
Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 4:30pm
Monday, Sep 13, 2010
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 4:30pm
Sunday, Sep 12, 2010
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 4:30pm · 2:00pm
Saturday, Sep 11, 2010
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 4:30pm · 2:00pm
Friday, Sep 10, 2010
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 4:30pm

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