The Wages of Fear

A film by Henri-Georges Clouzot
Starring Yves Montand, Charles Vanel and Peter van Eyck

New 35mm print of the classic thriller

In a squalid South American oil town, four desperate men sign on for a suicide mission to drive trucks loaded with nitroglycerin over a treacherous mountain route to a faraway oil fire. The result is one of the greatest thrillers ever committed to celluloid, a white-knuckle ride from France’s legendary master of suspense, Henri-Georges Clouzot, now in a gorgeous new 35mm print created from a complete HD digital restoration.


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
131 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Jan 26, 2012
Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012
Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012
7:00pm · 4:00pm
Monday, Jan 23, 2012
7:00pm · 4:00pm
Sunday, Jan 22, 2012
7:00pm · 4:00pm · 1:00pm
Saturday, Jan 21, 2012
7:00pm · 4:00pm · 1:00pm
Friday, Jan 20, 2012
7:00pm · 4:00pm · 1:00pm

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