A film by Sergey Dvortsevoy

“4 STARS! Tulpan is an amazing film! I swear to you that if you live in a place where this film is playing, it is the best film in town. You’ll enjoy it, not soon forget it, and you’ll tell your friends about it and try to persuade them to go.” — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Sergey Dvortsevoy’s feature is a gorgeous mélange of tender comedy, ethnographic drama and wildlife extravaganza. Following his Russian naval service, young dreamer Asa returns home to begin a career as a shepherd. But first he must win the hand of the only eligible bachelorette for miles—his alluringly mysterious neighbor Tulpan. TUPLAN’s gentle humor and stunning photography transport audiences to this singular, harshly beautiful region and its rapidly vanishing way of life.


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Production Year
Running Time
100 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Jun 25, 2009
9:45pm · 7:40pm · 5:35pm
Wednesday, Jun 24, 2009
9:45pm · 7:40pm · 5:35pm
Monday, Jun 22, 2009
9:45pm · 7:40pm · 5:35pm
Sunday, Jun 21, 2009
9:45pm · 7:40pm · 5:35pm · 3:30pm · 1:25pm
Saturday, Jun 20, 2009
9:45pm · 7:40pm · 5:35pm · 3:30pm · 1:25pm
Friday, Jun 19, 2009
9:45pm · 7:40pm · 5:35pm
Thursday, Jun 18, 2009
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 5:00pm
Wednesday, Jun 17, 2009
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 5:00pm
Tuesday, Jun 16, 2009
Monday, Jun 15, 2009
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 5:00pm
Sunday, Jun 14, 2009
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 5:00pm · 2:00pm
Saturday, Jun 13, 2009
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 5:00pm · 2:00pm
Friday, Jun 12, 2009
9:40pm · 7:20pm · 5:00pm

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