A film by Paddy Considine
Starring Peter Mullen, Olivia Coleman and Eddie Marsan

TYRANNOSAUR follows the story of two lonely, damaged people brought together by circumstance. Joseph, an unemployed widower and drinker crippled by his own volatile temperament and Hannah, a Christian worker at a charity shop. When they meet it seems Hannah may be Joseph’s potential saviour, someone who can temper his fury and offer him warmth, kindness and acceptance. As their story develops Hannah’s own secrets are revealed and as events spiral out of control, Joseph becomes her source of succor and comfort.


Technical Information

Production Year
Running Time
91 mins

Past Screenings (since April 2nd, 2009)

Thursday, Dec 8, 2011
8:40pm · 6:40pm · 4:40pm
Wednesday, Dec 7, 2011
8:40pm · 6:40pm · 4:40pm
Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011
8:40pm · 6:40pm · 4:40pm
Monday, Dec 5, 2011
8:40pm · 6:40pm · 4:40pm
Sunday, Dec 4, 2011
8:40pm · 4:40pm · 1:40pm · 11:40am
Saturday, Dec 3, 2011
8:40pm · 6:40pm · 4:40pm · 1:40pm · 11:40am
Friday, Dec 2, 2011
8:40pm · 6:40pm · 4:40pm · 1:40pm

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