A film by Katja von Garnier

Mika is a teenage girl who believes she just isn’t good at anything, especially compared to her parents, who are super-smart quantum physicists, or course! After yet another failed test and – whoops – misconduct at school, Mika’s parents are at their wit’s end. Boom! Mika must spend the summer at Grandma’s. Little does she know what awaits her when she discovers Grandma was once an Olympic prize-winning equestrienne. She has her own riding stable where she teaches other young would-be top riders. After spending her first few days in self-exile, missing the city and all her friends, Mika seeks out Windstorm, a beautiful horse that’s also incredibly dangerous. Mika finds a friend in the spirited animal. She falls fearlessly in love with Windstorm and finds that only she can save his life by learning to ride him. Assisted by her newfound neighbors, Mika trains and becomes a rider, discovering not just her true talent, but also an extraordinary passion for horses that impresses her parents more than quantum physics ever could.
Screened in German with English subtitles.
Ages 10+
105 min


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