Noir City: Chicago

Friday, July 31st – Friday, August 7th, 2009


A festival of classic and undiscovered film noirs, with special guest Harry Belafonte.

<cite>Odds Against Tomorrow</cite>

Odds Against Tomorrow

directed by Robert Wise

Harry Belafonte in person for a screening of the 1959 film noir classic Odds Against Tomorrow. Part of our NOIR CITY: CHICAGO festival.



Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Odds Against Tomorrow

The Music Box and the Film Noir Foundation proudly present a week-long festival of film noirs. Nine films will be shown on the big screen, many of them will be presented as double bills pairing undisputed classics with complementary rarities. Most screenings through Monday will include an introduction and discussion by Noir experts Eddie Muller and Foster Hirsch.

Noir City: Chicago’s special guest will be legendary actor-singer Harry Belafonte. Mr. Belafonte will be at the Music Box on August 1 at 7:30pm for a screening of the 1959 film noir Odds Against Tomorrow. Following the screening, Mr. Belafonte will be interviewed on stage about the film.

Film noir is recognized as a unique example of an organic cinematic movement, one that produced many of the best and most time-tested Hollywood films of the forties and fifties. These tough-as-nails crime stories, told in a distinctly American vernacular but informed by a darkly romantic European visual sensibility, continue to entrance audiences in each successive generation.

The Film Noir Foundation, created by writer and film historian Eddie Muller, is committed to rescuing and restoring America’s noir heritage. All FNF proceeds from NOIR CITY festivals go to finding and restoring films in danger of being lost or permanently damaged. For information on how you can join the FNF’s campaign and receive its fantastic bi-monthly magazine, the Noir City Sentinel, visit:

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