Noir City: Chicago 3

Friday, August 12th – Thursday, August 18th, 2011


Join us for the 3rd sensational edition of NOIR CITY: CHICAGO as the Music Box teams up with the Film Noir Foundation for a festival that combines extraordinary rarities with revivals of recognized classics — all presented on the big screen in glorious 35mm prints!




<cite>Among the Living</cite>

Wed 17 Aug, 2011, 7:30pm

Among the Living

directed by Stuart Heisler starring Albert Dekker, Susan Hayward, Harry Carey, Frances Farmer

Not on DVD! Albert Dekker stars as identical twins, one a brain-damaged psychopath who stirs up a Gothic whirlwind of insanity, family skeletons and murder. Costarring a lushly nubile Susan Hayward, venerable Harry Carey, and pre-tragedy Frances Farmer. This rarely screened horror-noir hybrid features stunning camerawork by Renoir collaborator Theodore Sparkhul.

<cite>The Blue Dahlia</cite>

Sun 14 Aug, 2011, 1:30pm

The Blue Dahlia

directed by George Marshall starring Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake

At the pinnacle of Ladd/Lake mania, crime fiction legend Raymond Chandler fashioned this original, booze-fueled screenplay for the co-stars, and ended up with an Oscar nomination for his trouble. Ladd plays a veteran who finds a more sophisticated form of murder and mayhem on the home front, while Veronica Lake vamps through the proceedings at her most glamorously iconic.

<cite>Brute Force</cite>

Thu 18 Aug, 2011, 7:40pm

Brute Force

directed by Jules Dassin starring Burt Lancaster

Burt Lancaster plots a breakout for the inmates of Cell R-17, so they can escape the sadism of fascistic bully Hume Cronyn. Featuring an incredible cast of character actors, all making the meanest movie of their careers. The climactic bust-out remains a shocker, as the escape erupts into full-throttle warfare. The most unforgettable men-behind-bars movie ever made!

<cite>Chicago Deadline</cite>

Mon 15 Aug, 2011, 7:30pm

Chicago Deadline

directed by Lewis Allen starring Alan Ladd, Donna Reed

Not on DVD! Alan Ladd is a reporter obsessed with a young woman he finds dead in a cheap brothel. Connecting the dots all around Chicago, he cobbles together the sad history of a good girl (Donna Reed) gone wrong. Incredibly rare, not screened for decades before being resurrected by the Film Noir Foundation, this rarity makes excellent use of various Chicago locales to tell an ink-stained version of Laura.


Tue 16 Aug, 2011, 7:30pm


directed by Lewis R. Foster starring Beverly Michaels, Gloria Talbott

Not on DVD! Six prisoners crash out of the pen to unearth a stashed robbery payroll. Director Lewis Foster’s frantic film is full of wild flourishes and stunningly brutal action. Featuring leggy Beverly Michaels, wholesome Gloria Talbott, you’ll only find this buried treasure at NOIR CITY!

<cite>The Dark Mirror</cite>

Fri 12 Aug, 2011, 9:30pm

The Dark Mirror

directed by Robert Siodmak starring Olivia de Havilland, Lew Ayres

Not on DVD! Witnesses place Ruth Collins (Olivia de Havilland) at the scene of a grisly murder. When it’s discovered she has a twin, Dr. Elliot (Lew Ayres) is brought in to psychologically evaluate them both. Noir master Robert Siodmak deftly directs this Oscar-nominated original story, guiding de Havilland through two sensational performances. Preservation funded by the Film Noir Foundation.

<cite>Deadline USA</cite>

Mon 15 Aug, 2011, 5:30pm

Deadline USA

directed by Richard Brooks starring Humphrey Bogart

Not on DVD! Humphrey Bogart stars as Ed Hutcheson, veteran editor of the New York Day, which is about to be sold to its main competitor. With only hours left before the presses stop, “Hutch” decides to go out in a blaze of glory, taking down the city’s biggest racketeer. An eerily prescient eulogy for “old school” journalism, it’s one of the greatest of all newspaper movies.

<cite>The Hunted</cite>

Sun 14 Aug, 2011, 7:45pm

The Hunted

directed by Jack Bernhard starring Belita, Preston Foster

Not on DVD! Laura Mead (Belita) has served her time for robbery and still claims her innocence. She returns to the city where her former cop lover (Preston Foster) sent her up. Is she back for a fresh start — or revenge? A strange, hypnotic noir from Poverty Row director Jack (Decoy) Bernhard, resurrected in a new 35mm print by the Film Noir Foundation! Thanks to Warner Bros. and UCLA Film & Television Archive.


Sun 14 Aug, 2011, 3:30pm


directed by George Sherman starring John Payne, Dan Durye, Joan Caulfield, Shelley Winters

Not on DVD! John Payne and Dan Duryea play dandy grifters bent on bilking a wealthy war widow (Joan Caulfield). Both are tangled up with saucy Shelley Winters, who’s more dangerous than a loaded .38. A riotously entertaining, little-known gem, presented in a brand new 35mm print courtesy of Universal Pictures.


Sat 13 Aug, 2011, 7:30pm


directed by Harold D. Schuster starring Barry Sullivan, Charles McGraw

Not on DVD! NOIR CITY is proud to resurrect one of the most rare films of the original noir era. An innocent bank clerk (Barry Sullivan), made the fall guy in an embezzlement scheme, is mercilessly pursued by a scarily righteous lawman (Charles McGraw, in an signature performance). Presented in a brand new 35mm print funded by the Film Noir Foundation! Thanks to Warner Bros. and UCLA Fim & Television Archive.

<cite>The Mob</cite>

Sat 13 Aug, 2011, 1:30pm

The Mob

directed by Robert Parrish starring Broderick Crawford

Not on DVD! The tale of an undercover cop (Broderick Crawford) infiltrating a waterfront labor racket was a huge hit and a forerunner to 1950s crime exposés, subsequently overshadowed by the higher pedigreed On the Waterfront (1954). Featuring early work from actors Charles Bronson, Neville Brand, and Ernest Borgnine.

Sat 13 Aug, 2011, 3:30pm

New York Confidential

directed by Russell Rouse starring Broderick Crawford, Richard Conte, Marilyn Maxwell, Anne Bancroft

Ripped from Kevaufer Crime Committee headlines of the 1950s is the saga of a mob kingpin (Broderick Crawford) whose hold on the syndicate is complicated by a newly imported hit man (Richard Conte), a restless mistress (Marilyn Maxwell), and Brod’s beautiful but fragile daughter (Anne Bancroft). Once thought lost, this rarity returns to NOIR CITY in 35mm courtesy of Kit Parker Films.

<cite>Sorry, Wrong Number</cite>

Thu 18 Aug, 2011, 5:30pm

Sorry, Wrong Number

directed by Anatole Litvak starring Barbara Stanwyck, Burt Lancaster

Barbara Stanwyck gives a tour de force performance as a bedridden woman who, through crossed phone wires, overhears a murder being planned. This engrossing extension of the legendary 22-minute radio drama is pure noir, tracking an ill-fated romance that spirals into deceit, despair, and death. Featuring Burt Lancaster in one of his earliest roles.

<cite>The Story of Molly X</cite>

Tue 16 Aug, 2011, 5:30pm

The Story of Molly X

directed by Crane Wilbur starring June Havoc

Not on DVD! Writer-director Wilbur had an obsession with producing prison movies, but this ultra-rarity has a twist: the protagonist is a brass-knuckled dame (June Havoc) who takes over her boyfriend’s Frisco gang after he’s killed. After murdering the culprit in cold blood, she winds up in women’s prison — and you know what happens in those places…

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