Midnight Movies

Two films typically play at midnight every Friday and Saturday. However, only one film is scheduled in advance. Please check back every Wednesday when we post information about the second midnight film playing that coming weekend.

<cite>They Live</cite>


Sat 31 Jan

They Live [35mm]

directed by John Carpenter starring "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Keith David, Meg Foster (1988)

A nameless drifter (pro-wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper) discovers, with the help of some bitchin’ shades, that the one-percenters of this world are in fact aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people to spend money, breed and accept the status quo with subliminal messages planted in mass media. Sounds about right to us. Featuring one of the longest fight scenes between two men ever shot on film!



Sat 31 Jan


directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto starring Nao Ohmori (2013)

In this audaciously kinky meta-comedic thriller, a lonely father (Nao Ohmori) with a secret taste for S&M hires a boutique dominatrix agency that specializes in guerrilla acts of public degradation. Although the rough treatment and humiliation he receives from these leather-clad women––in cafés and on the street––drives him to ecstatic pleasure, he soon finds himself in over his head during a surprise house call by one of the mistresses. After a freak and fatal accident, Nao is forced into action with a slew of vengeful dominatrices chasing him down. With the help of his son, he’ll have to devise a plan to take on the relentless femmes fatales, who each possess a unique S&M talent by which to exact painful revenge.

<cite>Fight Club</cite>

Fri 6 Feb

Sat 7 Feb

Fight Club

directed by David Fincher starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter (1999)

An insomniac office worker looking for a way to change his life crosses paths with a devil-may-care soap maker and they form an underground fight club that evolves into something much, much more…

<cite>Enter the Dangerous Mind</cite>

Fri 6 Feb

Sat 7 Feb

Enter the Dangerous Mind

directed by Youssef Delara and Victor Teran starring Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed, Scott Bakula, Jason Priestly (2014)

Enter the mind of Jim (Jake Hoffman) – a socially awkward EDM musician with a traumatic past, a tenuous grip on reality, and voices in his head. When he meets Wendy (Nikki Reed), he thinks he might finally have a shot at happiness. But as long-buried memories begin to stir, and his crush turns into obsession, Jim finds himself looking into a violent abyss… and he won’t be going alone. Pulsating with raw energy and an intense electronic soundtrack, Enter the Dangerous Mind is a pitch-black psychological thriller that doesn’t let off the gas for a second as it twists to its shocking conclusion.

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