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56 Up! Oscar Documentary Shorts! Groundhog Day!
Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Happy Thursday Music Boxers,

Tonight at 7:30pm, the Sundance Film Festival teams up with the Music Box! We’re thrilled to host the Chicago premiere of Touchy Feely, the new film from writer/director Lynn Shelton, coming to us direct from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Ms. Shelton and Sundance Film Festival senior programmer David Courier will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A. There are still a few seats available, purchase your tickets now.

This weekend, we open 56 Up, the latest installment of director Michael Apted’s acclaimed Up Series. Beginning as a short on the lives of several school children, Apted has revisited his subjects every seven years to watch their lives unfold. Now they are 56. Roger Ebert called the series “an inspired, almost noble use of the film medium”.

Also, get ready for the Academy Awards with the Oscar Nominated Short Films – Documentary Program. This year, we have two programs that present the best non-fiction short filmmaking. Check them out before you make predictions for your Oscar pool!

On Monday, you’re invited to a special screening of The Wall, an upcoming release from Music Box Films. Martina Gedeck stars as a woman who suddenly finds herself isolated in the Austrian mountains, cut off from the rest of the world and forced to survive on her own. RSVP to this FREE event.

We also have midnight screenings of Groundhog Day, featuring Bill Murray at his best, and matinee screenings of Network, a film more relevant now than ever.

And don’t forget, next weekend, director Don Coscarelli comes to the Music Box for opening weekend of his new film John DIes At The End. Along with his new film, we’ll be screening two of Mr. Coscarelli’s cult classics, Bubba Ho-Tep and Phantasm II, for two nights of special double features. Don’t wait, purchase advance tickets now!

See you at the movies

Thursday, January 31st – Wednesday, February 6th, 2013


Sundance Film Festival USA presents Touchy Feely

Purchase advance tickets online

Join us for a special night of film and dialogue!

“Sundance Film Festival USA celebrates the theaters and audiences that are an integral part of supporting and encouraging the work of independent filmmakers. By extending the Festival to these 10 cities, we will create a larger shared experience and dialogue around the issues of our time, as explored in these films.”
—Robert Redford

On January 31st, the Sundance Film Festival dispatches ten filmmakers from Park City to ten cities across the country to screen and discuss their direct-from-Festival films with audiences. In past years, the Music Box has welcomed Philip Seymour Hoffman for a screening of Jack Goes Boating and Julie Delpy for 2 Days In New York.

This year we are excited to screen Touchy Feely with writer/director Lynn Shelton and Sundance Film Festival senior programmer David Courier in attendance!

Touchy Feely

A film by Lynn Shelton starring Ellen Page, Allison Janney, Ron Livingston, and Rosemarie DeWitt


A massage therapist is unable to do her job when stricken with a mysterious and sudden aversion to bodily contact. Meanwhile, her uptight brother’s foundering dental practice receives new life when clients seek out his “healing touch.”


Thu, Jan 31 6:30pm

56 Up

A film by Michael Apted, Paul Almond


Offering an extraordinary look at the unfolding of lives, The Up Series is back with the age 56 installment.

“I think it’s the most notable use of film that I’ve been able to witness as a filmgoer. Noble in its simplicity and its honesty and its directness and its lack of pretension or grandiosity. Just the gaze of an interested observer coming into these lives and saying, ‘How you doin’?’”
–Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“Nothing like this will ever be made again, and none of us is likely to age as well as the series itself.”
–James Walton, The Telegraph

Offering an extraordinary look at the unfolding of lives, The Up Series has been called “an inspired, almost noble use of the film medium” by renowned film critic Roger Ebert.

In 1964, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Apted began his career as a researcher on a new experimental series for Granada TV called Seven Up, which explored the Jesuit maxim, “Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” The original concept was to interview 14 children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds from all over England, to see whether a class system was in place. By asking the children about their lives and their dreams for the future, difference in attitudes and opportunity were witnessed.

For almost half a century, Apted has interviewed the original group every seven years, examining the progression of their lives. Now they are 56. From cab driver Tony to schoolmates Jackie, Lynn, and Susan, and the iconoclast Neil, the present age brings more life-changing decisions and surprising developments. From success and disappointment, marriage and childbirth, to poverty and illness, nearly every facet of life is discussed with the group, as they assess whether their lives have ultimately been ruled by circumstance or self-determination.


Fri, Feb 1 1:00pm · 4:00pm · 7:00pm
Sat, Feb 2 1:00pm · 4:00pm · 7:00pm
Sun, Feb 3 1:00pm · 4:00pm · 7:00pm
Mon, Feb 4 4:00pm · 7:00pm
Tue, Feb 5 4:00pm · 7:00pm
Wed, Feb 6 4:00pm · 7:00pm
Thu, Feb 7 4:00pm · 7:00pm
Fri, Feb 8 1:29pm · 4:30pm · 7:30pm
Sat, Feb 9 10:29am · 1:30pm · 4:30pm · 7:30pm
Sun, Feb 10 10:30am · 1:30pm · 4:30pm · 7:30pm
Mon, Feb 11 4:30pm · 7:30pm
Tue, Feb 12 4:30pm · 7:30pm
Wed, Feb 13 4:30pm
Thu, Feb 14 4:30pm
Fri, Feb 15 3:30pm
Sat, Feb 16 10:30am · 3:30pm
Sun, Feb 17 10:30am · 3:30pm
Mon, Feb 18 3:30pm
Tue, Feb 19 3:30pm
Wed, Feb 20 3:30pm
Thu, Feb 21 3:30pm
Sat, Feb 23 10:30am
Sun, Feb 24 10:30am

Music Box Films presents The Wall

RSVP for this free screening!

Music Box Theatre will play host to this special preview screening of The Wall.

Sign up to RSVP for this free screening. Attendees will be asked to participate in a brief research survey.


Mon, Feb 4 6:30pm

Groundhog Day

A film by Harold Ramis starring Bill Murray


C’mon. We’ve GOT to run this film on Groundhog Day! Bill Murray is an asshole weather-man cursed with having to relive the one day of the goddamned year he can’t stand in that cesspool of a town Punxsutawney, PA thanks to a stupid blizzard. After indulging in a bout of hedonism and numerous suicide attempts, he begins to re-examine his life priorities and in the process figures out how to charm the pants off Andie MacDowell.


Fri, Feb 1 midnight
Sat, Feb 2 midnight


A film by Sidney Lumet starring Faye Dunaway, William Holden and Peter Finch


This film is absolutely everything Aaron Sorkin’s middling The Newsroom aspires to be. A struggling television network gives notice to longtime news anchor Howard Beale (Peter Finch) and, in retaliation, Beale sensationally announces on live television his intention to commit suicide on air. In doing so, Beale becomes a major TV icon and one of the most valuable assets to the network, being effectively rebranded “the mad prophet of the airwaves.”


Sat, Feb 2 10:30am
Sun, Feb 3 10:30am

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