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Music Box Theatre
Jeff Garlin! Silent Cinema! Indiana Jones!
Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Happy Thursday Music Boxers,

This weeknd, comedian Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Toy Story 3) for the premiere of his new film Dealin’ With Idiots. Written and directed by Garlin, the film revolves around the highly competitive world of little league baseball and the colorful parents of the players. Jeff Garlin will host special screenings on Friday and Saturday night. Purchase advance tickets now!

Friday and Saturday at midnight, check out Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, the third film (and second best) in the Indiana Jones franchise.

This Saturday at noon, Second Saturday Silent Cinema presents The Unholy Three, starring Lon Chaney. A sideshow ventriloquist, midget, and strongman leave the circus and form a conspiracy known as “The Unholy Three” with plans to commit a series of robberies. As always, this silent film will feature musical accompaniment by Dennis Scott on the Music Box organ. Purchase advance tickets now.

On Monday and Wednesday evening, join us for the special screening of Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, the story of cult band Big Star. This film is a unique portrait of an incredibly talented group of musicians who crafted three albums now considered pop masterpieces (all of which charted on Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time). Purchase advance tickets now.

Tuesday afternoon, join us for good beer and a good western. In our latest installment of Industry Tuesdays, we’re screening the Spaghetti Western The Big Gundown. The film will be preceded by tastings of spectacular, rather rare beers from the exceptional portfolio of importer Vanberg & DeWulf. Purchase advance tickets now.

We also have another week of screenings of the critically-acclaimed A Hijacking, another presentation of National Theatre Live’s The Audience starring Helen Mirren (Purchase advance tickets), matinee screenings of The Big Gundown and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Purchase advance tickets) and midnight screenings of Maniac.

And finally, the Music Box has teamed up with the Chicago Redeye, Bud Select 55, and Sports Corner to present a rooftop screening of the 1989 film Major League on Thursday, July 18th, 2013 at 8:30pm on the rooftop of Sports Corner (956 West Addison Street). Check below for details and RSVP!

Wednesday, July 10th – Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Dablon Vineyards

This Week’s Sponsor:

Dablon Vineyards

Believing that exceptional wine comes from exceptional grapes and their unique terroir, our grapes are hand-nurtured from the time they are planted, until the grapes are harvested. Our people are committed to creating quality products. Our wines are produced in our hillside facility and stored in an underground cellar.

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Dealin’ with Idiots with Jeff Garlin in person!

Purchase advance tickets online

Join us for a special opening weekend presentation of Dealin’ with Idiots with Jeff Garlin in person!


Fri, Jul 12 7:20pm

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

Purchase advance tickets online

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is a feature-length documentary film about the dismal commercial failure, subsequent massive critical acclaim, and enduring legacy of pop music’s greatest cult phenomenon, Big Star.

Join us for the special screening of the story of cult band Big Star. This film is a unique portrait of an incredibly talented group of musicians who crafted three albums now considered pop masterpieces (all of which charted on Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time).

“You really cannot better Big Star. To this day, I can well up with tears listening to that stuff — it’s so beautiful. In a way, I still can’t understand why they weren’t enormous.”
—Peter Holsapple, the dB’s


Mon, Jul 15 7:30pm

National Theatre Live presents The Audience

Purchase advance tickets online

National Theatre Live will broadcast the highly-anticipated West End production of The Audience, with Helen Mirren reprising her Academy Award winning role as Queen Elizabeth II, performed in London’s Gielgud Theatre.

The Audience reunites writer Peter Morgan and Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren following their collaboration on the critically-acclaimed movie sensation The Queen.

The Audience is directed by Academy Award-nominated director Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Hours) and presented in the West End by Matthew Byam Shaw for Playful Productions, Robert Fox and Andy Harries.

The Audience

A film by Stephen Daldry starring Helen Mirren, Edward Fox


National Theatre Live is an exciting initiative to broadcast live performances of the best of British Theatre to cinemas around the world.

“Funny and truthful, good-hearted, spiky, full of surprises. I loved every minute.”
The Times (UK)

Helen Mirren reprises her Academy Award winning role as Queen Elizabeth II in the highly-anticipated West End production of The Audience.

For sixty years, Elizabeth II has met each of her twelve Prime Ministers in a weekly audience at Buckingham Palace – a meeting like no other in British public life. Both parties have an unspoken agreement never to repeat what is said. The Audience imagines a series of pivotal meetings between the Prime Minister and their Queen. From Churchill to Cameron, each Prime Minister has used these private conversations as a sounding board and a confessional – sometimes intimate, sometimes explosive.



A Hijacking

A film by Tobias Lindholm starring Pilou Asbæk, Søren Malling, Dar Salim


A psychological drama about a cargo ship that is hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.

“??A Hijacking?? is an absorbing, highly moving film that’s lingered heavily on the mind for a couple of days now.”
–Oliver Lyttelton, indieWIRE

The cargo ship MV Rozen is heading for harbour when it is hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. Among the men on board are the ship’s cook Mikkel (Pilou Asbæk), who along with the rest of the seamen are taken hostage in a cynical game of life and death. With the demand for a ransom of millions of dollars, a psychological drama unfolds between the CEO of the shipping company (Søren Malling) and the Somali pirates.

Tobias Lindholm made his directorial debut with the tough prison drama R (co-directed with Michael Noer, 2010). As a scriptwriter Lindholm has worked with Thomas Vinterberg on the acclaimed drama Submarino (winner of the Nordic Council Film Prize) and The Hunt (2012) with Mads Mikkelsen in the leading role (winner, Best Actor, Cannes 2012). Since 2010 he has written several episodes for the internationally acclaimed and BAFTA winning Borgen with Pilou Asbæk and Søren Malling in leading roles.

As with Tobias Lindholm’s debut R, which was filmed at the former Horsens State Prison, A Hijacking is filmed under realistic conditions. The crew filmed in secret in pirate filled waters in the Indian Ocean on a freighter which itself had previously been hijacked and with a real professional negotiator in a central role.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

A film by Steven Spielberg starring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliott


After a catastrophic tangent of a sequel, Indiana Jones is back to doing what he does best: fightin’ Nazis and kissin’ on girls!

This time, Indy’s gotta drag his horn-dog old man (played to inspired perfection by horn-dog old man Sean Connery) around as the two of them race against Hitler to find the holy grail of archaeology. When does this guy ever teach class? It sure must be nice to have tenure at the University of Chicago…


The Unholy Three

A film by Tod Browning starring Lon Chaney, Mae Busch, Matt Moore


A sideshow ventriloquist, midget, and strongman leave the circus (after an unfortunate child-assaulting incident involving the midget) and form a conspiracy known as “The Unholy Three” with plans to commit a series of robberies.

Figuring a life of crime beats a life in the circus, the trio set themselves up as a bizarro family running a bird store.

Disguised as a little old lady, Echo the ventriloquist (Lon Chaney) and his two carnival cohorts perform a series of Park Avenue robberies. Echo’s sweetheart Rosie (Mae Busch) plays along with The Unholy Three but later changes her mind when their latest burglary ends in murder – and threatens to send an innocent man to their electric chair!


The Big Gundown

A film by Sergio Sollima starring Lee Van Cleef, Tomas Milian, Luisa Rivelli


Jonathan Corbett (Lee Van Cleef) is a lawman with senatorial ambitions, boasting to have wiped out most of the outlaws in Texas.

Taking on what he hopes will be one of his last manhunts, Corbett sets out with a posse to find the Mexican peasant Manuel “Chuchillo” Sanchez (Tomas Milian), a man wanted for the murder of a child. Original Italian release version featuring nearly 20 minutes of footage never before seen in the U.S.


Tue, Jul 16 2:00pm


A film by Franck Khalfoun starring Elijah Wood, Nora Arnezeder


“This is down and dirty genre filmmaking, and the various slaughters, excruciatingly detailed scalpings and other atrocities are no less gruesome because of the highfalutin approach.”
–Megan Lehmann, The Hollywood Reporter

Frank is the withdrawn owner of a mannequin store, but his life changes when young artist Anna appears asking for his help with her new exhibition. As their friendship develops and Frank’s obsession escalates, it becomes clear that she has unleashed a long-repressed compulsion to stalk and kill.

A 21st century Jack the Ripper set in present-day L.A., Maniac is a re-boot of the cult film considered by many to be the most suspenseful slasher movie ever made — an intimate, visually daring, psychologically complex and profoundly horrific trip into the downward spiraling nightmare of a killer and his victims.


My Little Pony Equestria Girls


My Little Pony Equestria Girls is a brand new full-length feature introducing an exciting new dimension to the incredibly popular My Little Pony brand.

When a crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pursues the thief into an alternate world where she transforms into a teenage girl who must survive her biggest challenge yet… high school.

With help from her new friends who remind her of Ponyville’s Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy, she embarks upon a quest to find the crown and change the destiny of these two parallel worlds.



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