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Music Box Theatre
Saturday, May 25th, 7:30pm
Friday, May 17th, 2013

Head to the Music Box Theatre to see a special 90th anniversary restoration of SAFETY LAST with live organ accompaniment! It will be a special evening of music, film, and entertainment.

SAFETY LAST opens on Friday, May 24th and will play through May 27th. This will be the only screening with live accompaniment. All other screenings will have a recorded score.

Friday, May 17th – Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

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Safety Last and the Music Box Theatre Summer Calendar Release Party!

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This very special screening of Safety Last is accompanied by live organ, the West End Jazz Band, and live vaudeville entertainment! Join the Music Box Theatre and Newcity Communications for a summer calendar release party!

On Saturday, May 25th from 6:30pm to 9:00pm, the Music Box Theatre will return to yesteryear with a special screening of the Safety Last starring Harold Lloyd. This screening is part of a limited engagement for the 90th anniversary digital restoration of this classic film. Plus this will be the first time you can pick up the new summer 2013 calendar of events at the Music Box Theatre and get a special preview of all the great films and events coming to the Music Box Theatre this summer!

  • 6:30pm-7:30pm: Reception with live music by the West End Jazz Band
  • 7:30pm: Live vaudeville acts immediately followed by Mr. Dennis Scott performing a live accompaniment to Safety Last (Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, 1923, 70m)

For four days only, the Music Box Theatre gives audiences the rare opportunity to experience this comedy classic in celebration of its 90th anniversary. Safety Last will be screened in a new digital restoration made from the original nitrate camera negative.

Dennis Scott, Music Box Theatre’s house organist, is an internationally known silent film organist dubbed the “Master of Magic Notes” by Suzanne Lloyd, granddaughter of the comic genius Harold Lloyd. Scott began accompanying silent films in the 1970s, when he started playing theater pipe organs installed in pizza parlors in the Midwest and the West Coast. He is a co-founder of the Silent Film Society of Chicago. Ongoing at the Music Box, he plays weekend intermissions, the annual Sing-Along Sound of Music, Sing-Along Grease, Valentine’s Day Sing-Along and the acclaimed Music Box Christmas Sing-Along, a Chicago holiday tradition for nearly 30 years. For Music Box’s Second Saturday Silent Cinema Series, Scott accompanies a classic silent film, live, at noon on the second Saturday of each month on the Music Box Theatre organ. The series was named the “Best New Film Series of 2011” by Chicago magazine and “Best Matinee Film Series of 2012” by the Chicago Reader.

The West End Jazz Band has, for the past 34 years, recreated the classic music that typifies the twenties and thirties using original arrangements and instrumentation that is true to the style of the era. The band was organized by Mike Bezin, who had a great love for early jazz but was tired of hearing the same traditional tunes played by other jazz bands. The repertoire of West End consists of a broad representation of the music of this golden age, hot and sweet dance and jazz. Featured are the pure jazz numbers, the nonsense songs, the up-tempo tunes and also the beautiful ballads. This was the type of music for dancing and for those zany times when youth ran wild and made whoopee; songs such as “Hop Off,” “Stockholm Stomp,” and “The Charleston;” and the beautiful ballads like “Whose Honey Are You” and “Stardust.” Their book is full of great standards, obscure songs, as well as a number of straight dance medleys and waltzes that reflect the romantic and sweet side of that era. http://www.westendjazzband.com/

Safety Last

A film by Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Bill Strother


New 90th anniversary digital restoration!

“The Glasses character in "Safety Last" would have blended with the background of the department store where he worked if it had not been for action imposed upon him. But what action!”
–Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

In order to win the hand of his sweetheart (Mildred Davis) a young man (Harold Lloyd) heads to the big city to seek his fame and fortune. Once there, he lands a job a salesclerk and, in an effort to impress his boss, plans a publicity stunt of epic proportions. Of course, things don’t quite go as planned and our hero finds himself in some of the funniest, most memorable and nerve racking situations in movie history!

Showing for four days only on a new digital restoration made from the original nitrate camera negative. Come and celebrate the 90th anniversary of this classic silent film comedy at the Music Box Theatre!

Harold Lloyd was named the king of daredevil comedy thanks to Safety Last and after decades of chases, explosions and CGI the film’s death-defying stunts still have the power to send audiences reeling. In order to marry his sweetheart (Mildred Davis) Lloyd’s perennial bespectacled go-getter comes to the city, taking on a job as a store clerk. To impress his boss, Lloyd hires and acrobat to climb the multi-story building-but when the climber doesn’t show, Harold must do it himself, leading to one of the most iconic images in movie history.

Live organ accompaniment by Dennis Scott on Saturday 5/25!


Sat, May 25 7:30pm

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