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Agnes Varda In-Person! National Lampoon! Buster Keaton! Deathgasm!
Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Happy Thursday Music Boxers,

On Wednesday, October 14th, the Music Box is thrilled to welcome renowned filmmaker and visual artist Agnès Varda for a screening of her influential film Cléo from 5 to 7. After the film, Ms. Varda will participate in a discussion of the film and the French New Wave movement. This presentation is part of CinéVardaExpo in Chicago. Varda will spend Oct 8–15 in residence at the University of Chicago as part of a major weeklong celebration of her work. For more information and a full list of events, visit varda.uchicago.edu.

Opening Friday, take a look behind the scenes of one of the most influential & groundbreaking comedy institutions of all time with Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon. From its humble print beginnings, the Lampoon eventually branched into radio shows, live stage revues and movies like Animal House and Vacation. In his 3 1/2 Star review, Richard Roeper calls this documentary “A frenetic, rough-edged, unapologetic tribute to the Lampoon”.

Get in the ring with Buster Keaton this weekend with Battling Butler, presented by Second Saturday Silent Cinema. Keaton’s extraordinary antics will be set to a live score, courtesy of the famous Music Box organ! Saturday at Noon, Tickets available now.

Also this weekend, High School is Hell in the horrifying, hard-rocking Deathgasm, as two teenage metalheads battle demonic forces bent on taking over the world! Or catch Boruto: Naruto The Movie, the eleventh Naruto film, based on the hit manga by Masashi Kishimoto.

We also have the shockingly sinister horror film Goodnight Mommy and, back by popular demand, more screenings of the hilarious & uplifting documentary Meet The Patels.

See you at the movies

Wednesday, October 7th – Tuesday, October 13th, 2015


Cléo from 5 to 7, with director Agnès Varda in person

Part of CinéVardaExpo in Chicago. Renowned French film director and visual artist Agnès Varda will spend Oct 8–15 in residence at the University of Chicago as part of a major weeklong celebration of her work.

For more information and a full list of events, visit varda.uchicago.edu

CinéVardaExpo is presented by Logan Center Exhibitions, Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, Department of Cinema and Media Studies, and Film Studies Center. Additional support provided by the France Chicago Center, University of Chicago Arts Council, Chuck Roven Fund, Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York, DOVA-Open Practice Committee, Franke Institute for the Humanities, Institut français in Paris, Norman Wait Harris Fund, Ng Family Visiting Artist Fund, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, and the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality’s Counter Cinema/Media Project.

CinéVardaExpo is organized by Dominique Bluher, Lecturer and Director of M.A. Studies in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies; Camille Morgan, Logan Center Exhibitions Curatorial Coordinator; Leigh Fagin, Associate Director of University Arts Engagement; Julia Gibbs, Assistant Director of the Film Studies Center.

Cléo from 5 to 7

A film by Agnès Varda starring Corinne Marchand


Agnès Varda eloquently captures Paris in the sixties with this real-time portrait of a singer (Corinne Marchand) set adrift in the city as she awaits test results of a biopsy. A chronicle of the minutes of one woman’s life, Cléo from 5 to 7 is a spirited mix of vivid vérité and melodrama, featuring a score by Michel Legrand (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg) and cameos by Jean-Luc Godard and Anna Karina.


Wed, Oct 14 7:30pm

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon

A film by Douglas Tirola starring Judd Apatow, Christopher Guest, Chevy Chase


From the 1970s thru the 1990s, there was no hipper, no more outrageous comedy in print than The National Lampoon, the groundbreaking humor magazine that pushed the limits of taste and acceptability – and then pushed them even harder.

“Punch-drunk and very much alive…a real crowdpleaser.”

“You’re about to meet the unsung heroes of American funny business.”
Rolling Stone

Parodying everything from politics, religion, entertainment and the whole of American lifestyle, the Lampoon eventually went on to branch into successful radio shows, record albums, live stage revues and movies, including Animal House and National Lampoon’s Vacation. The publication launched the careers of legends like John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Christopher Guest and Gilda Radner, who went on to gigs at Saturday Night Live and stardom.

Director Douglas Tirola’s documentary about the Lampoon, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon, cleverly chronicles its founding by two former Harvard students, its growth, demise and everything in between. Told thru fresh, candid interviews with its key staff, and illustrated with hundreds of outrageous images from the mag itself (along with never-seen interview footage from the magazine’s prime), the film gives fans of the Lampoon a unique inside look at what made the magazine tick, who were its key players, and why it was so outrageously successful: a magazine that dared to think what no one was thinking, but wished they had.


Fri, Oct 9 2:20pm · 5:10pm · 7:20pm
Sat, Oct 10 2:20pm · 5:10pm · 7:20pm
Sun, Oct 11 2:20pm · 5:10pm · 7:20pm
Mon, Oct 12 7:20pm
Tue, Oct 13 5:10pm · 7:20pm
Wed, Oct 14 5:10pm · 7:20pm
Thu, Oct 15 5:10pm · 7:20pm

Goodnight Mommy

A film by Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz starring Susanne Wuest, Elias Schwarz, Lukas Schwarz


A mother should look out for her sons. . .

“A brilliantly sinister horror film”
Entertainment Weekly

“It has cult potential stamped all over it”
The Hollywood Reporter

In the heat of the summer lays a lonesome house in the countryside where nine year old twin brothers await their mother’s return. When she comes home, bandaged after cosmetic surgery, nothing is like before and the children start to doubt whether this woman is actually who she says she is. What ensues is a terrifying observational struggle with fatal consequences on par with The Shining and Dead Ringers.


Wed, Oct 7 9:45pm
Thu, Oct 8 4:30pm · 7:30pm · 9:45pm
Fri, Oct 9 2:15pm · 7:30pm · 9:40pm · midnight
Sat, Oct 10 2:15pm · 7:30pm · 9:40pm
Sun, Oct 11 2:15pm · 7:30pm · 9:40pm
Mon, Oct 12 4:30pm · 9:40pm
Tue, Oct 13 7:30pm · 9:40pm
Wed, Oct 14 4:30pm · 9:40pm
Thu, Oct 15 9:40pm

Battling Butler

A film by Buster Keaton


Meek millionaire Alfred Butler (Buster Keaton) goes on a camping excursion with his faithful servant (Snitz Edwards). Once in the wilderness, Alfred ignores outdoor activities in favor of trying to woo a charming mountain girl (Sally O’Neil), who wants nothing to do with her spoiled suitor. Trying to impress the girl, Alfred masquerades as boxing star “Battling” Butler (Francis McDonald). Unfortunately, when the real fighter finds out puny Alfred has been impersonating him, the brawl is on.


Sat, Oct 10 12:00pm


A film by James Lei Howden starring Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman


High School is Hell!

Metal-thrashing Brodie is an outcast in a sea of jocks and cheerleaders until he meets a kindred spirit in fellow metalhead Zakk. After starting their own band, Brodie and Zakk’s resentment of the suburban wasteland leads them to a mysterious piece of sheet music said to grant Ultimate Power to whoever plays it. But the music also summons an ancient evil entity known as Aeloth The Blind One, who threatens to tear apart existence itself. Their classmates and family become inhabited by demonic forces, tearing out their own eyes and turning into psychotic murderers… and this is only the beginning! It’s up to Brodie, Zakk and their group of friends to stop a force of pure evil from devouring all of mankind.


Fri, Oct 9 midnight
Sat, Oct 10 midnight

Meet the Patels

A film by Geeta Patel, Ravi Patel


A laugh-out-loud real life romantic comedy about Ravi Patel, an almost-30-year-old Indian-American who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams — and his parents.

“Sharp and riotously funny.”

“A theatrical crowd-pleaser!”

Filmed by Ravi’s sister in what started as a family vacation video, this hilarious and heartbreaking film reveals how love is truly a family affair. Fresh out of a breakup with his American girlfriend and freaked out that he’s almost 30 and single, Ravi goes on a family vacation to India with his head and heart spinning. He’s desperate to find love and willing to do whatever it takes.

Through his journey to India, he realizes that the inner workings of his culture that inevitably lead back to the semi-arranged marriage might not be so terrible. In his family, everyone has the last name Patel. Patels marry other Patels. It’s not incest, it means they are from the same 50-square mile radius in India. Struck with how overwhelmingly happy the marriages are of his Patel family and friends, Ravi decides to embark on a worldwide search for another American Patel just like him.

He enlists the help of his legendary matchmaker mother and his life-advice-spouting father, and can’t seem to shake his documentarian sister who follows him around, inserting unhelpful commentary at every whim. Over the course of a year, Ravi’s parents send him on a whirlwind of dates around the United States via the “Biodating” system, a chain of weddings, online matrimonial websites, and the “Patel Matrimonial Convention.” But there is a twist to this story and the only thing in the way of Ravi finding love… is his family… and a little secret. Witty and brutally honest, this comedy explores the questions with which we all struggle: What is love? How do we find it? And even then, how do we keep it?

Directed by siblings Ravi Patel and Geeta Patel, this spirited and uplifting documentary comes to you from Producer Janet Eckholm (American Splendor), Academy Award Winning Executive Producer Geralyn Dreyfous (Born Into Brothels), and PBS. With clever use of unique animation and a soulful soundtrack that will have audiences dancing in their seats, Geeta and Ravi, along with their quirky parents keep audiences entertained and glued to the screen. Meet The Patels is a film everyone can relate to regardless of gender, age, or cultural background — after all we have all been there.


Fri, Oct 9 4:30pm · 9:45pm
Sat, Oct 10 4:30pm · 9:45pm
Sun, Oct 11 12:00pm · 4:30pm
Mon, Oct 12 4:30pm · 9:45pm
Tue, Oct 13 4:30pm · 9:45pm
Wed, Oct 14 9:45pm
Thu, Oct 15 4:30pm

Boruto: Naruto The Movie

A film by Hiroyuki Yamashita


The eleventh Naruto film, based on the hit manga by Masashi Kishimoto.

With Naruto as the Seventh Hokage, Hidden Leaf Village is planning to host the Chunin Exams to train new shinobi from the village and from five of their allied villages. Among the entrants are Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada, who adores Naruto, Mitsuki, an exceptionally talented yet mysterious shinobi… And Boruto, Naruto’s son who shows great potential, but despises his father.

Sasuke who’s been on a mission in another dimension appears before Naruto to warn of a strange impending danger he has sensed. Shrouded with an evil aura, Momoshiki and Kinshiki appear during the Exams and attempt to assassinate Naruto with the Rinnegan. Boruto is petrified and unable to do a thing while Sasuke guards him. As Naruto steps in front to shield them, he smiles faintly and disappears in front of Boruto.

An inconceivable foe lies in wait as Sasuke, the Five Kage and Boruto with a determination of steel, charge into another dimension.


Sat, Oct 10 12:00pm · midnight
Sun, Oct 11 12:00pm
Mon, Oct 12 7:20pm

Grolsch People’s Choice Midnight Madness Award, Toronto International Film Festival Toronto International Film Festival

2015 Kickstarter Film Festival

Thursday 15 October 2015


Purchase advance tickets online

Purchase advance tickets online

Grab some popcorn, take a seat, and be ready for some laughs and some tears — the 5th Annual Kickstarter Film Festival is coming to a theater near you.

This year’s festival is bigger than ever. On Thursday October 15, over 30 theaters across the United States will screen an expertly curated selection of some of the best short and feature films funded on Kickstarter.

Here’s the full line-up of films!

7:00pm Program:
Afronauts (short film)
What We Do in the Shadows

9:20pm Program:
World of Tomorrow (short film)
Submarine Sandwich (short film)

We can’t wait to see you there!


Thu, Oct 15   What We Do in the Shadows   7:00pm
  T-Rex   9:20pm

The Wine of Summer

A film by Maria Matteoli starring Elsa Pataky, Marcia Gay Harden, Kelsey Asbille


Presented by New Films International

The Wine of Summer is a story of love, both lost and found, of timeless beauty and the brightness of youth. In the golden summer of Spain, five central characters find their fates intertwined.

James, at the age of 27, quits his law career in pursuit of his childhood dream of becoming an actor. While studying acting under the tutelage of Shelley, he becomes engrossed in Carlo Lucchesi’s play, Tinto de Verano, which is set in Spain. James’ girlfriend Brit leaves him, and he spontaneously flies to Spain, where he encounters the misanthropic playwright Lucchesi at a bookstore in Barcelona. Lucchesi is in a relationship with a much younger woman, Veronica, but still nurtures an old love for his long lost muse, Eliza, a novelist, who happens to be visiting her son, Nico a trumpet player who also lives in Barcelona. In the golden backdrop of Spain, these characters find their fates intertwined.


Sun, Oct 11 9:45pm

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