Buster Keaton Shorts Program

Buster Keaton Shorts Program

The Goat (Buster Keaton & Malcolm St. Clair, 1921, 21 mins, DCP)

A series of adventures begins when Buster is mistaken for the famous outlaw Dead Shot Dan. 

Cops (Buster Keaton & Edward Cline, 1922, 18 mins, DCP)

Buster Keaton gets involved in a series of misunderstandings involving a horse and cart. Eventually he infuriates every cop in the city when he accidentally interrupts a police parade.

The Bell Boy (Roscoe Arbuckle, 1918, 33 mins DCP)

At the Elk's Head Hotel, bellhops torment the lobby, each other and guests. The elevator is powered by a stubborn horse, a sham robbery turns into a real one, and a runaway trolley leads to a chase through downtown.

The Playhouse (Buster Keaton & Edward Cline, 1921, 22 mins, DCP)

After waking up from his wacky dream, a theater stage hand inadvertently causes havoc everywhere he works.

Character Studies (1925, 6 mins,  DCP)

An amusing, technically impressive curio featuring some of the greatest male movie stars of the silent era. On a vaudeville-type stage, Carter DeHaven, a popular comedian at the time, announces a series of 'impressions' of several of the biggest film stars of the 1920s. Also featuring Harold Lloyd, Fatty Arbuckle, and Rudolph Valentino.


Technical Information

Country of Origin: United States
Run Time: 105 mins
Format: DCP