Watership Down

Watership Down

A FILM BY: Martin Rosen
WRITTEN BY: Richard Adams (novel), Martin Rosen
STARRING: John Hurt, Richard Briers, Ralph Richardson

A very serious, violent, and heartbreaking movie about bunnies, WATERSHIP DOWN features the voice acting talents of the late, great John Hurt, who leads a pack of rabbit companions to a new home after he has an apocalyptic vision of their Warren being destroyed. Adapted from the bestselling novel by Richard Adams, the film’s beautiful handrawn animation had the unfortunate distinction of scaring the bejesus out of a generation of unsuspecting kindergarten aged moviegoers on its original release. Today, WATERSHIP DOWN is an emotionally arresting, dark-toned allegory about freedom amid political turmoil. 

35mm print from Janus Films

Technical Information

Production Year: 1978
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Language: English
Run Time: 91 mins
Format: 35mm